Catapult Construction

10 person teams have roughly 60 minutes to design and construct a full size catapult from a variety of everyday items. Once completed, they will creatively market and sell the everyday uses of their catapult to a panel of judges. Followed by a head-to-head launch-off to see whose catapult is able to launch the furthest!

This is the event to challenge your group’s creativity, salesmanship, & teamwork!

Each team has roughly sixty minutes to design and construct a full size catapult using only a variety of everyday items.
Teams then give a two minute presentation to judges who will award points based on their ability to market and sell their catapult
The event will culminate with a head-to-head launch-off to see whose catapult is able to launch the furthest.
When it’s time to launch, teams will take aim at human targets
A great event to challenge your group's creativity, salesmanship, and teamwork while having a great time.


A decade ago, a client asked if we could design an event that would afford him the opportunity to launch tomatoes at his boss.  We loved the idea (minus the tomatoes) and that seemingly outlandish concept morphed into what has become our world famous Catapult Construction  event.  We supply teams with a barrage of PVC pipe, duct tape and cardboard and task them to design and construct a launching mechanism that will be able to fire a tennis ball at a distant target.  In addition to launching, teams will also need to design a 30 second infomercial that will entice the general public to purchase their catapult for everyday use.  In the end, the team that has the best sales pitch, matched with the most functional catapult, will walk away as champions!


  • Full Event Management
  • Full Event Staffing
  • All required materials for catapult construction
  • Cutting station to manipulate your materials
  • Professional event Emcee
  • Awards ceremony with winning medals
  • Fully interactive and engaging experience


Total Event Time:  2.5 Hours
Minimum Number of Persons:  6
Maximum Number of Persons:  Unlimited
Customizable:  Yes! (we can customize every aspect of this event)

See what people said about Catapult Construction

Scott Marketing Director | Olympus Controls

“I have done a lot of teambuilding events in my career and Catapult Construction is by far the best one I have ever been a part of. Thanks for creating such a great event!”

Susan Executive | EPI-USE

“How do we even begin to thank you guys? That was the most amazing event we have ever done. You guys made me look like a rock star! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year.”