Mission Las Vegas

This is the #1 requested and reviewed team building event in Las Vegas and we guarantee that this will be the best teambuilding event you have ever conducted!   Drawing its inspiration from the popular television show The Amazing Race, Mission Las Vegas pits teams in a race around the Strip to see who can complete the most challenges within the allotted time frame.

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Ask David Blane, the real trick behind levitation is timing your photo correctly. That and being able to jump really high.
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Who would of thought that this event would also outfit you with a new wardrobe.


If you are looking for the best scavenger hunt ever created then look no further than Mission: Las Vegas.  This is the #1 Rated Scavenger Hunt in Las Vegas and has literally become the most popular team building event in Sin City!  Unlike other scavenger hunts, we do not dictate where your teams go; we simply design the most interactive experience possible and then turn your group loose.  We have designed a series of Challenges ranging from riding the world’s highest roller coaster to reenacting historically significant photos at various landmarks throughout the Strip and awarding each Challenge a point value.  For each Challenge successfully completed, teams will earn a set point value.  In the end, the team that returns with the most number of points is crowned the champion!


  • Full Event Management
  • Full Event Staffing
  • Customized, full color printed challenge notebook
  • Day pack filled with everything you would ever need
  • Digital Camera rental
  • $60 in cash for each team
  • The best event you have ever done.  Guaranteed.


Total Event Time:  3 Hours
Minimum Number of Persons:  6
Maximum Number of Persons:  Unlimited (we have conducted events for +500 persons)
Customizable:  Yes! (we can customize every aspect of this event)

See what people said about Mission Las Vegas

Michael Attendee | Frito Lay

“I have done a hundred different scavenger hunts in the past, but this was awesome! How did you guys come up with all of these challenges? I want to work for you.”

Russ Product Mng | Adv Distributor Products

“Truly one of the best events we have ever had coordinated! You guys are true professionals and in my opinion you are the best in your field.”

Michelle Attendee | Compass Bank

“When I heard we were doing a teambuilding event I was dreading it, but this was the most fun I have ever had at a conference. Thanks for not making us do another boring event.”

Steve Attendee | Compass Bank

“I’ve been to Vegas 2 dozen times & this event showed me places I have never seen before. It was like coming to Vegas for the first time. I’ve never had so much fun in this town!”