The Feud

Complete with 70’s inspired graphics, teams of up to ten persons will face off to try and provide answers to popular questions in an effort to win enough points and send their team through to the Final Feud. Looking to customize the event? Let us know. We can customize all of the questions to include relevant information about your company to help you meet your company objectives.

All of the graphics and sound effects are identical to the 1970's version of The Family Feud
The addition of themed costume always adds to the overall event experience.
Teams start by facing off at the center podium.
Every aspect of the event can be customized to fit your needs, including all of the questions.
The thrill of victory can sometime overwhelm teams.
This is the perfect event to add to your next dinner party or awards banquet.


Without a doubt the greatest TV show to come out of the 1970’s was The Family Feud.  Its brash host and interactive team format made it an instant success not only for TV, but for the world of team building as well.  We have spent the better part of a decade perfecting every nuance of the show from the graphics displayed to the engaging host to ensure that your team has an experience that will make them feel like they stepped onto the real show.  All you have to do is show up and get ready for the most memorable event of your life!


  • Full Event Management
  • Full Event Staffing
  • Full stage set complete with podiums, buzzers, and electronic scoreboard
  • Animated event host in 70’s inspired costume
  • Fully choreographed show including music cues throughout the show
  • Completely customizeable questions to fit your organization
  • Awards ceremony with winning medals
  • Fully interactive and engaging experience


Total Event Time:  1.5 Hours
Minimum Number of Persons:  6
Maximum Number of Persons:  Unlimited
Customizable:  Yes! (we can customize every aspect of this event)

See what people said about The Feud

Jordyn Meeting Planner | Fujitsu

“My team loved The Feud event and it was the perfect addition to our dinner. Thanks for doing such a great job.”