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Craig Ruck - DJ Cruze


Canada's list of entertainment exports is pretty impressive; Celine Dion, Michael J. Fox, Jim Carrey, Drake, Justin Bieber (wait...maybe not Bieber).  And you can add one more to that list: DJ Cruze.  Craig Rusk, aka. DJ Cruze, spent his formidable years working as one of the hottest DJs on Canada's night club circuit.  But, the long Canadian winters eventually took their toll and soon Craig looked to make an exit to a warmer climate. Enter ClubMed Resorts.  His first assignment took him to the Caribbean where he quickly traded his winter parka for a pair of flip flops and sunglasses.  He spent the better part of a decade working as one of the lead DJs for the company before working his way up to Entertainment Director for ClubMed North America. In early 2016 he caught the attention of the R&D Events team while working at a resort in Florida.  After a few months of courting, we eventually convinced him to join the team and move out West.  Today, Craig serves as our Director of Production where he uses his years of experience as a DJ to continually entertain our guests and ensure everyone is always having fun!  


Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

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Joined R&D Events in 2016

Graduated from University of Calgary 

My Passion: Traveling the World

Have seen Dumb & Dumber 382 times

Best Trip Ever: Malaysia

Played for Canadian National Team

Favorite Online Video

Currently on my Playlist: Coldplay

Best TV Show Ever Created

Worst Job: Vaccum Salesman

Go Seahawks!


Craig Rusk - Director of Fun
Craig Rusk - Director of Fun
Craig Rusk - Director of Fun