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A decade ago, a client asked if we could design an event that would afford him the opportunity to launch tomatoes at his boss.  We loved the idea (minus the tomatoes) and that seemingly outlandish concept morphed into what has become our world famous Catapult Construction  event!  We supply teams with a barrage of PVC pipe, duct tape and cardboard and task them to design and construct a launching mechanism that will be able to fire a tennis ball at a distant target.  In addition to launching, teams will also need to design a 30 second infomercial that will entice the general public to purchase their catapult for everyday use.  In the end, the team that has the best sales pitch, matched with the most functional catapult, will walk away as champions and an experience they will never forget!

Days of Thunder Logo


  • Professional on-site event management
  • Complete customization of the full event experience
  • All of the required materials
  • Fully interactive & engaging experience
  • Cutting station to manipulate provided materials
  • The best experience ever! Guaranteed.


  • A truly hands-on experience
  • 2 - 3 Hour Experience
  • Can be conducted anywhere in the country
  • Every aspect can be customized to meet your needs
  • Available for any age group or demographic
  • Can be conducted for groups of 4 to 400
The perfect creative outlet for our team! Not to mention the most fun we have ever had together as a group!
— Sunwize