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When you say the words "duct tape" people immediately think of the silver do-it-all adhesive that you probably keep in your junk drawer.  But to us, duct tape is the perfect conduit to creating a world class costume, evening gown or even super hero costume!  And now that there are literally 1,000 of different patterns available, the ability to create over-the-top costumes is well within reach.  So we drew some inspiration from the popular TV show, Project Runway, and designed an event entirely around the premise of having teams create fully themed costumes using only duct tape.  The feedback from this event has been overwhelmingly positive and the final designs we have received have been nothing short of creative explosions!  This truly is one of our most unique options we offer and one that will work with any size group, regardless of their demographics.

Duct Tape Designer - Team Pose


Duct Tape Designer - Giant Boobs
Duct Tape Designer - Final Touches
Duct Tape Designer Champion
Duct Tape Designer - Team Pose
Duct Tape Designer - Big Bird
Duct Tape Designer - Teamwork
Duct Tape Designer - Fire Team
I just wanted to thank you for recommending this activity for our recent conference. This was the perfect event to get our meeting started off on a high note. Everyone fed off the energy for the rest of the conference and it truly was a unique concept that no one had ever seen before...and we have seen them all!
— Fortune 100 Company
Duct Tape Rolls - Stacked


  • Professional on-site event management
  • Professional event Emcee & DJ
  • Purchase, delivery and organization of event materials
  • Fully produced runway show following construction
  • The perfect event concept for any group! Guaranteed.


  • The perfect mix of creativity & teamwork
  • 1.5 Hour Experience
  • Can be conducted anywhere in the country
  • Available for any age group or demographic
  • Can be conducted for groups of 10 to 10,000
Duct Tape X
The perfect match of creativity, team work and salesmanship. How do you guys come up with this stuff?!?
— Vista Equity Partners