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Manny Estes Director of Fun


We first met Manny in 2013 during a client event at a golf course in Las Vegas.  At the time, he was the head golf pro and was assisting us as we designed a custom scavenger hunt on his golf course.  His cool demeanor and never say no attitude immediately impressed us.  But, what really showed through that day was his ability to network at ease through the club house, shaking hands and engaging in playful banter as if everyone he came in contact with was a close family member.  Fast forward two years. R&D Events is in need of a new superstar to join our operations team in Nevada.  When word got out that we were hiring, unexpectedly, the first application we got back was from our old friend Manny Estes.  Apparently, Manny was also impressed with what he saw that day.  During his initial interview he told us that after we finished that event he said to one of his colleagues; "one day, I'm going to be a Director of Fun".  It's funny how things in life have a way of working themselves out.  And in this case, we couldn't be happier.   


Hometown: Edwards Airforce Base, CA

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Joined R&D Events in 2015

Graduated from Fresno City College

My Passion

New Fav Movie: Into the Wild

Best Trip Ever: Bahamas

Unknown Fact: Expert Paper Boat Builder

Fav Subject Matter: Human Behavior

Currently on my Playlist: Paramore

I'm Addicted to Forensic Files

Worst Job: Concrete Extractor 

My DVD Collection is pretty epic